Saturday, August 5, 2017

Calendar Creator Updated for 2018

The Calendar Creator has been updated to version 3 and has been released at the same time as the calendar grid for 2018. Everyone who purchased the Calendar Creator previously is eligible to upgrade for free to version 3 (also named Calendar Creator 2017).

This new version contains bug fixes that were found in version 2, and a new permissions check. Permissions for distribution now must be no-modify only, but can be copy/trans if desired.

As with the previous versions, you can create your own calendar grids, or purchase a new calendar grid for each year. In addition, you can localize your calendar, and have the menu display in your own language. Everything is configured from a notecard.

There is a FAQ page here that answers many of the commonly asked questions regarding the Calendar Creator.

Calendar Creator with 2018 Calendar Grid ($500L):

Calendar Creator with 2017 Calendar Grid ($400L or Free Upgrade):

Calendar Grid 2018 Only (Requires Calendar Creator) ($100L):

Inworld Store:

If you have purchased any version of the Calendar Creator previously, you are eligible to receive the Calendar Creator with the 2017 Calendar Grid for free. Go to the redelivery terminal in the TD Creations inwold store to receive your upgrade.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Picture Frame Sets

I have updated and expanded my previous picture frames. There are three separate types of picture frames: The matted picture frames, the narrow frames, and the wide frames. Each frame is 100% mesh and only half a land impact, so you can link two together and still only use 1 LI. The frames include both 4:3 and 1:1 ratio frames, depending on your need. In addition, there are non scripted, fading slide show scripted, and standard slide show scripted frames. Since all the frames have copy/mod permissions, you can use as many of each type as you desire.

The frames are sold individually by style: Matted Frames, Narrow Frames, Wide Frames. They can also be purchased together in a discounted multi-pack.

100% Mesh

Land Impact: 0.5

Permissions: Copy/Modify

Matted Frames Marketplace Listing:

Narrow Frames Marketplace Listing:

Wide Frames Marketplace Listing:

Multi Pack: Marketplace Listing: